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Whether you are a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a parent or caregiver of a child with autism, a family member, a volunteer, an educator, a health or social service professional, or an interested researcher, this site will provide you with reliable information on autism and referrals to many helpful services and resources. ASC puts special focus on providing information, referral and resources for parents and other family members who are seeking support for children with autism. This site also provides news, resources and links for youths and adults on the spectrum. Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your comments and suggestions.

Autism Society Canada

Today we are proudly joining a call to action! We are partners in the 2nd annual GivingTuesday in Canada, a new national day dedicated to giving and volunteering. "The opening day of the giving season", this is a day when charities, non-profits, families, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and more will all come together all across the country and rally for their favourite causes. 

This movement celebrates giving and encourages more, better and smarter giving and volunteering during the giving season. December 2 is GivingTuesday. A campaign which provides a platform to rally volunteers and raise funds for the charities of your choice. We encourage you to give to Autism Society Canada!

Celebrating Canadian Autism Awareness Month | October 2014

Autism Society Canada ... building on 38 Years of Working Collaboratively with Partners Across the Country to Influence and Champion Autism Spectrum Disorder Priorities at the National Level

Autism Society Canada's Five Pillars of Focus

  1. Creating Awareness and Understanding of ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD, also referred to as autism) is a neurological disorder which affects the way the brain functions, resulting in difficulties with communications and social interactions. A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder recognises individuals with a wide range of strengths and challenges. Individuals on the autism spectrum will depend on lifelong supports and services.

  2. Linking the Territorial and Provincial Societies: Autism Society Canada's Board of Directors is made up of representatives from all ten provinces as well as the Yukon and North West Territories. Autism Society Canada represents a large collective voice for the autism community in Canada.

  3. Setting a Precedent with the Advisory Committee of Adults Living with an ASD: Autism Society Canada formed the first advisory committee of adults with ASDs to hear directly from individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The committee is comprised on nine representatives from the ten provinces and three territories. One committee member is designated as chair and sits on the Autism Society Canada Board as a Director-at-Large. The committee contributes by giving the perspective of persons wiling with autism, helping to shape policy development and direction taken by ASC.

  4. Promotion of Evidence-Informed Research: Autism Society Canada advocates for and supports families/caregivers to research and understand current, evidence-based therapies and interventions, in order to make informed decisions and plan for lifespan needs of their loved one(s) with ASD. Through ASC services such as the Autism Junction or individual connections, families/caregivers are directed to resources, research and supports available within their communities. ASC continues to collaborate with their many community partners, researchers and government to support and advocate for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their families/caregivers, and communities.

  5. Influencing Public Policy at the National Level: Autism Society Canada actively advocates with the federal government for services and support for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, their families and their communities. Autism Society Canada's mission is to work with our many partners to address the national priorities facing the autism community.